Half-elven Varisian Bard


A half elf with varisian blood for his human side, Zendo has red hair and eyes that match. His skin however is the dusky olive color of many varisians.


Zendo’s mother is an elf from Crying Leaf and his father is a wandering Varisian. Zendo began life in crying leaf with his mother but was too wild for her tastes and she sent him to finish his adolescence with his father. He learned the ways of the Varisians and their caravan lifestyle traveling many roads and through many towns. He showed an aptitude for the bardly ways and has just recently begun traveling as a bard from town to town. He no longer stays with his father’s caravan but will attach to any caravan willing to let him travel with them to tell stories to them and the towns that they visit. He is at work learning the Elven flute as well as working on his acting and singing skills. He is a natural born storyteller weaving tales that mix elven and varisian folklore. He is a devotee of Desna and has travelled to sandpoint to earn some coin from the town and it’s visitors as well as to participate in the swallowtail festival and opening of the new cathedral.


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