Ragnar Sæbjörn, Ulfen warrior


Ragnar Saæbjörn is a tall, rangy Ulfen male of 6’5", aged 20. His blonde hair and beard are both quite long and flowing, and his eyes are cornflower blue. His physique has caught him the eye of many of the women in town, but his blunt ways and coarse manners, and his strong Ulfen accent, have not kept their attention.

Ragnar arrived in Sandpoint by ship about a week ago, and took lodging in the Rusty Dragon, carrying with him a heavy, jangling bundle, a pack, and a straight, single edged knife he calls a seax. He has worked on the ships in the harbor, and seems at home both in the riggings, and on the water. He has spoken little to most in Sandpoint, though he has been forward, but not crude, towards several attractive women in the town. He has not spent much of his coin on anything but food, drink, and lodging, though what money he has spent has all been spent at the Pixie’s Kitten, where his foreign manners matter less than his familiar gold.

Most of the dockhands and sailors have called him “Sæbjörn”, which most residents assumed was his given name, though Ragnar clarifies that it is a nickname, or ‘kenning’, as he names it, that dates back to his late childhood, and means ‘Sea-bear’, an apt name for the shaggy sailor.

Now that he has girt himself for battle, Ragnar wears a well-kept, but worn suit of scale mail and a steel helm with brass spectacles and nasal.

Ragnar’s steading in the Land of the Linnorm Kings was attacked by giants. His father was struck down by a giant club as he fought to protect his family. His mother, Enna, was smote from behind as she tried to herd his sister Alrike to safety. Alrike, only six, was too small to run fast, and was caught and rent apart by the giants.

Ragnar was able to run and hide, but he saw his family die from his hiding place. Though the beating of his heart seemed to him loud enough to lead the giants to him, he escaped their attention.

He condemns himself for not picking up his father’s sword and striking down the giants, though as a lad of nine it would have meant his doom. He fled the steading and took service on the longships of the coast, finding the sounds of the sea able to mute the screams of his memory. His kenning, “Snæbjörn”, was given to him by his mother at his birth, as he was born in midwinter, with a head of curly blond hair. As he took to the sea, his masters called him Sæbjörn instead, as he seemed at home in the frigid waters as on land.

Ragnar has hidden from his fears long enough, and seeks to extinguish them, or himself, in the fires of battle. Though not a berserker, he fights with abandon in battle, seeking to prove himself unafraid, and perhaps, seeking to atone for his cowardice by falling in war.

Because he has no family, and no home, Ragnar does not consider himself suitable as a mate. However, he is a man, with a man’s appetites, and he eagerly seeks out female companionship, but prefers the freedom of a night’s coupling to the entanglements of courtship.

He buried his father’s sword with his body, and does not consider himself worthy of such a blade, and so fights with an axe as a common bondsman would, instead of the sword of a warrior.


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