Kibagami Hikage

Proud monk from Minkai


Hikage is a young Tian-Min male. He has dark orange eyes and a clean shaven head. He has a lean but well defined physique. While tall for a Tian at 5’5, he is still shorter than the average male of Golarion. He is normally dressed in his monastic robes and prayer beads. The robes leave his right arm exposed, revealing a long black and red imperial dragon tattoo which wraps around his arm.


Hikage was born and raised in Minkai, the first born son to a loyal follower and diplomat of the royal family. With the sudden disappearance of Emperor Shigure, Hikage’s father thought it best to leave Minkai until matters were resolved. This lead to Hikage moving to Sandpoint and attending Turandarok Academy for several years.

During this time Hikage’s brash behavior and excessive vocalizing of his status in Minkai rubbed many the wrong way, which lead to bullying and few friends. Hikage eventually decided to attend the House of Blue Stones to learn under Sabyl Sorn. With her help, through training and meditation, Hikage has become more humble and focused. There is still much work to be done though, as Hikage is still prone to quickly respond to personal slights.

Hikage does have at least one true friend in Sandpoint. He and Ameiko Kaijitsu have grown close over the years. She offers Hikage a sense of home away from home, for which he is greatly appreciative of. As well as a place to stay, Ameiko also tends to look after Hikage and tries to help him loosen up and better fit in with the people of Sandpoint.

While he may not be the most popular person in the city, most have grown to accept Hikage, and Hikage in turn shows his gratitude through helping the community when he can. Whether it be by running errands for locals or defending them from goblins that find their way into town, Hikage will serve his adopted home with honor.

Kibagami Hikage

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