Corvus Albus, precocious fire wizard


Corvus is a 19 year old Chelaxian male. He has short brown hair, hazel eyes, and a complexion which suggests a good deal of time spent indoors. He is short and slight, only 5’2" in height, which makes him seem even younger than his years.

Corvus is relentlessly curious, but not doggedly determined, possibly as a result of his ease and success in his academics. He will pursue many avenues of inquiry, but will often abandon an approach if it seems unpromising, or even just too tedious. Corvus will spend hours, or days, with something that piques his interest, so long as his progression in understanding is not thwarted. If he encounters an intellectual stumbling block or stopping point, he would much rather put down that mystery and investigate something else than relentlessly pick away at a stubborn problem. Corvus trusts that eventually, he will come upon the right solution somehow, and time spent poring over one conundrum is time lost uncovering three others.

Corvus was born in Magnimar, the “City of Monuments”, and the colossal ruins of the Irespan, rising over the city, have captured his imagination ever since he was a child. Seeing the ruins of such grandeur overshadowing all the works of later men made him very curious and romantic about the past. However, the seedy, dangerous district known as Underbridge, resting in the shadow of the Irespan, has also influenced Corvus. Cautioned away from that district as a child, Corvus has a superstitious dread of similar places, extending even to the lawless city of Riddleport. Despite the allure of the massive, ancient, rune-carved Cyphergate, Corvus thinks it too dangerous and foolish to go to a town filled with pirates, brigands and criminals.

Corvus’s parents live in the Bridgeward district of Magnimar, where his father is an accomplished sculptor and his mother crafts enchantments at the Golemworks. Corvus is surprisingly well informed about architecture as a result, but his mother’s profession led to his own interest in magic. Even as a child, he was precocious snd irresistibly drawn to magical devices, which led to several mishaps around the house. Rather than trying to control their son’s curiousity, the family chose to embrace it and have him tutored in the magical arts. To their disappointment, Corvus is not terribly interested in the practical application of magical knowledge, and does not seem to have much interest in crafting magical objects.

Something Corvus points to as a determining factor was his early infatuation with the Guardians of the Grand Arch district. Though his father often brought him here to see the craftsmanship and artistry of the twin 200 ft. statues, visible for miles around, Corvus was more deeply impressed with the subjects depicted, twin wizards Romre and Cailyn Vanderale. These two wizards, and their adventuring band, the Eyes of the Hawk, defeated spidery horrors that emerged from the Irespan in 4623 and saving the city. Though there are several other monuments to the twins and their adventuring party, this is certainly the most magnificent.

Corvus was impressed both with the lasting fame and adulation that the heroic wizards received, and the thought that mysterious creatures and forces that were hidden, imprisoned, or enslaved thousands of years ago in ancient Thassilon could still be active. This spurred his interest both in the ancient lore of Thassilon, and in being part of an ‘adventuring band’.

The numerous monuments of the city were also of course a source of interest to his father, the sculptor, but young Corvus became more interested in them when he learned that many of the monuments had subtle magical effects upon those who contemplated them. While many of these monuments were enchanted by wizards, either in the present, or in the recent past, other monuments, those dedicated to the Empyreal Lords, seemed to manifest their magical energies spontaneously. Corvus has become a fervent worshipper of the Empyreal Lords, angels who approach the gods in power and influence, partly due to his childhood exposure to their monuments, but also by the thoughts that such celestial beings, unlike the gods, could manifest their power, or even their forms, directly. Corvus’s own devotion is to Andoletta, whose grandmotherly concern and lack of patience for nonsense is quite similar to that of his own parents.

Corvus’s intellect and endless curiosity ensured that he completed his schooling in the finer aspects of magic quite early, but the young wizard had reached an impasse. For a wizard who sought adventuring companions, ancient lore, and heroic recognition, the Pathfinder Society seems an obvious choice. However, the Pathfinder Society does not accept new initiates without a rigorous, grueling, and often quite lengthy and demeaning apprenticeship, anathema to the impatient young wizard. However, some few who make important discoveries, are allowed to join as initiates, and even offered the chance to test themselves for Confirmation earlier. A few bold explorers who not only made important discoveries, but made history themselves, have even been allowed full Society membership as a field commision. To the young Corvus, three years of dull apprenticeship seemed an eternity to wait. Much better to strike out, seek mysteries, and return in triumph! Surely, that would take less than three years.


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