Rise of the Runelords

Delvahine and her Shining Children

Calistril 6, 4708

The others quickly move up to support Ragnar, but the acrobatic succubus twists past him and shouts a command to some unseen allies as she flees. Her unknown allies soon reveal themselves, as two being resembling emaciated children shining with an internal light float into the room. They shriek telepathically, in voices like rending metal, and begin to glow with a blinding light. The ‘shining children’ emit beams of scorching fire which burn Ragnar and Zendo as they try to approach. Corvus launches an immense ball of fire at them, only to discover that they are entirely unharmed by the flames.

The men steel themselves against the blinding flares of light, and hurl themselves into combat against the strange glowing beings, but one of the shining children summons an impenetrable wall of force, cutting them off from the heroes. Zendo and Gellius decide to bypass the impenetrable wall by slicing through the sheer silk of the pavilion, only to discover the filmy material is incredibly strong and resistant to punctures. The shining children are strange entities, Corvus warns, of unknown origin and motivation. The children teleport past their own wall of force to continue their attacks on the heroes. One grasps Hikage and Ragnar with his burning hands, and ignites their flesh in incandescent flame.

Corvus, Hikage, and Ragnar contest with the shining children as Zendo and Gellius finally make their way into the boudoir of Delvahine, only to find that she is not there. The room is filled with pillows and cushions, but shows no signs of the succubus. After a costly battle with the blinding entities, Hikage enters the room and spies many golden ‘sexual devices’, to his distaste, but can find no signs of their foe.

Delvahine reveals herself, however, by launching an attack at the rear of the heroes. Evidently having teleported outside the pavilion, she has re-entered while invisible, and she removes Corvus’s protection from Evil by dispelling the magic. He responds with a deadly disintegration, but the lithe demoness dodges the green ray. She attempts to dominate the mind of the wizard, but Corvus wrestles free of her control. As the others close in upon her with violent intent, Delvahine vanishes again!

The men fan out to search for her. Hikage quickly runs outside, while Ragnar methodically slices apart the silken walls of the pavilion with his adamantine greatsword. Finally, Hikage spies the demoness flying about the columns in the corner of the Hall. Though he cannot reach her, Hikage harnesses his ki and smites her from afar with a gout of acid from his draconic aura. Zendo activates his boots of flying to pursue her, while Gellius summons an immense mobat to hunt down the demoness. Corvus satisfies himself with using his magic to send Ragnar flying through the air, and the Ulfen doggedly climbs through the air after his more nimble foe.

Delvahine moves to avoid the dangerous Ulfen, and uses her magic to remove Hikage’s protection from Evil as well. The monk, undeterred, pursues her on the ground, continuing to summon draconic acid to blister the demoness.

Delvahine flaps her batlike wings to gain altitude, and incants a spell to rob Ragnar of flight, to send him plunging down, but Corvus leaps into action, using his own magics to counteract her spells, keeping the fighter aloft. Though Delvahine has nimbly shot straight up into the air to avoid the lumbering Ragnar, he makes a surprisingly nimble move and stays on target, cutting the acid-scarred succubus apart with a single, deadly stroke.

After felling the demoness, the men search the pavilion and the bodies of Delvahine and her daughters. Each of the alu-demons wore a magical ring of protection and an enchanted belt. Each also was evidently armed with a masterfully crafted pole-arm, but the half-demons evidently preferred to use their life-sapping claws over the bladed weapon. Delvahine’s diaphanous garb is revealed in death to be a fine shirt of enchanted mithril chain, and her magical whip was also enchanted to weaken the will of her foes. Her belt and bracers are also powerfully magical, and the men find a trove of potions within her boudoir. Within the bedroom also rest her ‘toys’, evidently usable as lustful components to craft runeforged weapons. Being the very personal possessions of a succubus for ten thousand years, the devices are steeped in sin in more ways than one. Within the locked casket holding the potions the heroes also discover a magical tome, which purports to impart pragmatic and practical wisdom to the reader.

Now that the immediate threat is alleviated, the men tend their wounds as Corvus examines the forcecage imprisoning the emaciated captive. He advises the others that it would be very difficult for him to penetrate the invisible prison with his magics, but he admits that, given time, Ragnar’s very sharp sword should be able to crack apart the enchanted prison.



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