Goblin Druid


Gogmurt was the embittered druid of the Thistletop tribe. He was usually accompanied by his firepelt cougar, Tangletooth, until both were slain by the Heroes of Sandpoint.

Gogmurt was the spiritual leader of the Thistletop goblin tribe, until Nualia arrived at their lair and eclipsed him in the eyes of the chieftain, Ripnugget.

While infuriated at the situation, Gogmurt still worried about his tribe, and was rightly concerned that Nualia’s aggressive raids would bring down the wrath of the local humans upon them.

When he encountered the Heroes of Sandpoint in the tangled tunnels of Thistletop, Gogmurt initially ambushed them, but surrendered when outmatched. He shared with them his misgivings about Nualia, and seemed to agree to help them remove her from the situation. When the heroes were separated, however, Gogmurt seized the opportunity and tried to double-cross them. A summoned hawk from Gellius spelled his doom.


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