Emperor Xin

Legendary founder of ancient Thassilon


Thassilon was founded by the benevolent emperor Xin, who first harnessed the power of rune magic. Due to the immense size of the empire, Xin established seven fiefdoms run by his most trusted advisors and the most powerful arcanists in the land. As his personal influence over the nation became smaller, his ideals were also pushed to the wayside, making way for the ideals of the runelords, who gained even more power than Xin, but did so on the backs of the population of Thassilon.

Today, no cities or settlements are known to exist from Thassilon, though remnants of past metropolises remain in the dilapidated forms of countless ruins throughout the land. Believed to be built by enslaved giants, these imposing, magically preserved structures are now prominent, if mysterious, landmarks in current cities, such as Magnimar, Riddleport, and Kaer Maga. Each of the seven nations of Thassilon was said to have its own thriving capitol, but these have been lost to time.

Emperor Xin

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