Atsuii Kaijitsu

deceased mother of Ameiko and Tsuto


Wife of Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Atsuii had an affair with an elven man sometime in her past, giving birth to her son, Tsuto. Shamed by the obvious parentage of the half-elven boy, Lonjiku disowned Tsuto and sent him to the town orphanage to be raised. Although cold and mistrustful towards his wife, Lonjiku did sire a legitimate child, Ameiko, with her, though Ameiko’s wild nature left something to be desired by the staid, proud father.

Atsuii died in 4702, of accidental causes, though at the same time that the series of murders by the man later known as Chopper, Jervase Stoot. She fell from one of the balconies in the Kaijitsu manor house late one night, when she arose in the middle of the night. Her son, Tsuto, made claims at the time that his father, Lonjiku, had pushed her from the balcony, but has never been able to substantiate this claim, or explain what might have prompted this action, since her only known infidelity was almost two decades earlier.

Atsuii Kaijitsu

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