Aldern Foxglove


Aldern is a noble from Magimar that is visiting Sandpoint on business when the goblin raids occur. Lord Foxglove is a local noble with a somewhat dilapidated estate halfway between Magnimar and Sandpoint. The Magnimar Foxgloves are a lesser branch of the well-known family, but Aldern has gained a reputation on the Lost Coast for being approachable and affable.The group saves him from the goblins, but his dog perishes while protecting him. He is very grateful to the group for his rescue and offers the group a reward.

Aldern is originally from the area, having grown up in the nearby Foxglove Manor with his parents and his two older sisters. He and his sisters went to live with relatives in Korvosa years ago (Zendo got the impression that his parents are now deceased), and his two sisters still live there. A few years ago, Aldern returned to Magnimar, and has been slowly renovating the Manor outside town in order to move back into it. The renovation is almost totally complete, and Aldern is planning on moving back into the manor permanently shortly.

Aldern is a 22 yr. old Chelaxian male with brown hair, tied back in a ponytail. He is friendly and expressive.

Aldern Foxglove

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