Rise of the Runelords

Pinnacle of Greed II: Kill Faster!

20 Pharast, 4708

After the men have healed and rested within the magical mansion, Corvus and Gellius prepare their spells for another assault upon the Pinnacle of Greed. In an attempt to bypass the giant guardians, Corvus teleports the healed and rejuvenated Avengers directly into the antechamber on the other side of the golden doors. Before the giants can react, the wizard blocks off the eastern half of the curving hallway with a Wall of Force, which holds back the Cloud giant wardens, who are soon reinforced with other giants and their master, Khalib. Though the cloud giants batter the wall of force with their immense morning stars, the magical wall of force withstands their assault long enough for the Avengers to join battle with the defenders of the throne room

Upon entry to the throne room, the heroes find Viorian Dekanti seated upon the golden throne, flanked by her Storm Giant cohorts. As she stands and threatens the Avengers, Gellius conjures up two immense boulders, clashing Viorian Decanti between them, burying her in a pile of rubble and knocking one of the Storm Giant Wardens to the ground. The golden-armored warrior disappears under the rubble as the Avengers move to take advantage of the moment.

The storm giants blast the heroes with lightning, which some dodge entirely, and others weather stoically. Despite their storm magics, the two giant guardians are quickly brought low, with Hikage downing one and Ragnar sending the other into bleeding unconsciousness. Though the initial fight against the Wardens of Thunder goes well, Hikage is dismayed when a Rune Giant emerges from an annex to the north, slamming open the golden door and bellowing a murderous threat.

At the same time, the lamia hungerers emerge from the halls to the south, suspended in midair by magic! They quickly move to threaten the druid, wizard, and bard, snapping their foaming, slavering maws at the three spellcasters.

One of the remaining Storm Giantesses, knocked unconscious by her wounds, is healed by a more-cautious Lamia priestess, and, remaining prone, kicks out at Zendo, knocking him prone, and giving her room to rise. Zendo attempts to slay her and the lamia with deafening song bolts, but misses the giantess, who kicks him again, in the face!

Ragnar, who refused to finish off a downed foe, had abandoned the Storm Giantess to engage the Rune Giant, and the Ulfen cuts his adversary apart! Unfortunately, this reveals another projection of Karzoug, hidden behind the bulk of the Rune Giant The image of the Runelord unleashes a deadly spell at the Avengers, but Hikage dodges it entirely and Ragnar curses in anger as the magics rend his blasted flesh! Hikage curses at the necessity, but rounds on the apparition and dispels it with his temple sword.



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