Rise of the Runelords

Maze and monsters!

20 Pharast, 4708

Finally, Viorian frees herself from the pile of rubble,somehow magically appearing with the Cloud Giants on the other side of the Force Wall. Ragnar and Hikage move to assist the others, with Hikage and Zendo dealing with the injured Storm Giant before dispatching the lamia priestess who healed her.

Gellius and Corvus have both been savagely mauled by the Hungerers, whose vile, drooling bites carry madness. Ragnar moves up to aid them and is also bitten, with the hungerer’s bites draining the wisdom of all three. Realizing their deadly threat, the men quickly work together to kill the horribly bloated monstrosities before their ravening jaws render one of the Avengers insane!

Though the Cloud Giants have been steadily working to smash the Force Wall with their massive morningstars, their progress proves too slow for Khalib, who brings it down with a disintegration spell, urging the giants forward down the hall.

As the giants stampede forward, weapons held high, Viorian teleports again, appearing right behind Corvus with her menacing golden scimitar held high! The wizard quickly responds, whisking the deadly swordswoman away to a extradimensional maze which, he hopes, she will be slow to escape from.

Hikage and Ragnar move up to bottle up the giants in the Hallway as Gellius summons a storm of vengeance to deafen, burn, and blast them. The massive storm deafens all the giants, as well as Khalib, forcing the wizard to risk miscasting his spells if he wishes to join the fight, but the giants force themselves forwards in the storm.

Khalib is able to magically dimension door into the room to escape the winds of the storm, but is forced to summon an immense Abyssal spider-beast to delay Hikage’s relentless pursuit. Though the many-legged predator appears deadly, the monk is able to dispatch it in a single flurry of blows.

The giants, relentlessly advancing into the hail of blades and spells to escape the storm, puts pressure on Ragnar, Zendo, and Gellius. The druid summons a firestorm to burn the giants, and then slows their advance with a pool of boiling tar, which entangles many of them. When Hikage breaks off his pursuit of Khalib to assist them, the powerful magics of the druid and wizard, as well as the martial efforts of the monk and fighter, have winnowed the cloud giants from an intimidating force of seven to three survivors, two badly wounded.

However, the malevolent Khalib reverses gravity, suspending the Avengers helplessly above the ground—easy prey for the flails of the cloud giants, who smash the helpless Corvus and pound Ragnar as well, turning the tables on the party at a moment’s notice!

Corvus uses his magic to fly, regaining control of his movements and evading his giantish assailant, while Gellius dispels the reversed gravity, freeing the other Avengers, but at the cost of dropping them prone to the ground, and at the mercy of their Cloud Giant opponents!



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