Rise of the Runelords

Giants, Khalib, and the Golden Girl

19 Pharast, 4708

With the Rune Giant looming in the doorway, the heroes can see that the opulent room beyond curves to the left and right beyond their sight. It rises to an arched ceiling fifty feet overhead.

Wary of being bottled up in the antechamber as allies arrive, Corvus gathers his allies and dimension doors the heroes into the hallway, allowing Ragnar to engage the immense giant from behind. However, the men make a shocking discovery: within the curving hallway stands a magical projection of Karzoug! Though the image is wavering and translucent, the Avengers hear him clearly:

And so the fools have found me. I must applaud your tenacity. You are much more persistent than the worms I thought you to be. You are more like maggots in your endless squirming and writing to reach the death that awaits you at the core of your fate. I am that fate, maggots. I am your death.

Gripping his dominant temple sword firmly, Hikage can feel a strong sense of antipathy emanating from the blade. The monk clearly envisions himself plunging the sword into the image of Karzoug, disrupting it completely. He follows through with his strange intuition, and Karzoug momentarily flinches in pain, or surprise, as the runeforged weapon disrupts the magicks allowing the Runelord to project his will from his stasis.

The Avengers begin to feel that they may have the hall secured, until a imperious wizard appears around the eastern wall as the immense golden doors to the west swing open. The elegantly robed transmuter grips a golden staff in one hand and his high forehead and regal countenance mark him out as a Thassilonian like Karzoug. This must be Khalib, Karzoug’s loyal apprentice who descends from the Pinnacle to direct the lamia and giants. Khalib laughs lightly at the Avengers and announces his intention to defeat them and atone for his failure to his master.

As Hikage quickly moves to engage the ambitious wizard, the golden doors to the west open to reveal a quartet of Lamia Priestesses, and a golden light beyond. Though the Avengers have little luxury to gaze upon the opulent throne room beyond, the gleam of gold and silver within fills the air with light. More ominously, a gleaming throne within is guarded by three immense Storm Giants, each at the alert. Seated within the glittering throne, rather than Karzoug, is an attractive, athletic women clad in ornate, fluted golden armor. She swings a massive scimitar languidly, but when she stands with impatience, even the towering giants flinch away from her.

At the far end of the immense throne room, two bloated Lamia Hungerers drag their swollen carcasses from some adjoining hall or room. The fight is well and truly joined!

I will try to detail the fight, but I am not sure where to break it up between this week and the next. Any assistance with details is appreciated.



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