Welcome to sandpoint

Welcome to Sandpoint!
Please stop to see yourself as we see you!

Some of you have lived in the gossipy little coastal town of Sandpoint for years, while others have been more (or less) frequent visitors to the picturesque hamlet over the years. A few of you are newcomers to ‘The Gem of the Lost Coast’, as Sandpoint bills itself.

In any case, you are all in Sandpoint on the Autumnal Equinox, the day of the Swallowtail Festival (and the Harvest Fest, for those adherents to Erastil). The town has a particular reason to celebrate today, as the Sandpoint Cathedral is finally complete! This magnificent stone structure, the largest building in town, is dedicated to the many gods of the villagers: Erastil and Abadar, Gozreh and Desna, Sarenrae and Shaelyn. It is built on the former site of the Sandpoint Chapel, a wooden structure which burned to the ground several years ago, but it also encircles the seven standing stones, sacred to the Varisians who worshipped here long before any buildings were present.

Though you may have come to Sandpoint to renew your faith at the cathedral, or to seek your fortune, or to turn a coin or two, today is a joyous occasion, and you have joined the throngs of residents and visitors to experience all Sandpoint has to offer!

Rise of the Runelords

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